A Bullet For Your Thoughts is the first novel in the Nate Harver Private Investigator series.

Portland becomes Baghdad on the Willamette River as American greed and Asian criminals transform the City of Roses into the City of Bullets. Private Investigator Nate Harver has been hired to recover valuable technical information stolen from a local high tech firm. Nate soon finds himself in the sights of an unstoppable Vietnamese hitman.


A Vietnamese hitman has come to the City of Roses. His kill is easy, but there’s a problem. The victim was a client of Portland Private Investigator Nate Harver. What should have been a quick in and out job just got complicated.

Harver likes to spend his days in Portland, Oregon chasing down Insurance fraud for Lumberjack Mutual and checking out the new food carts and brew pubs. Occasionally he takes on new clients to help pay the bills or for a change of pace. Now, the police have found his newest client, a software executive, floating face down in the Willamette River. When Harver begins to believe that what the authorities are calling a suicide drowning is really a murder, the hitman tightens the cross hairs on Harver.

Staying one step ahead of bullets, car bombs and a killer who likes to use a hatchet is turning into a full time job for Harver. Soon the bodies of his friends and business associates are piling up like fire wood. Harver discovers his dead client was involved in high tech industrial espionage and mixed up with a vicious gang of Asian criminals. Teaming up with his ex-partner, Donnie Shepard, Harver goes on the offense. His chance of survival is rapidly going from slim to none and every decision he makes turns deadly.

American greed and international criminals mix together to turn the quiet neighborhoods of Portland into war zones. Harver and Shepard will risk all when they come face to face with the unstoppable killer.

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Lawrence Erickson is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He is a graduate of Central Missouri State College and served in the US Army. After spending over 40 years in the construction and nuclear power industries, he retired to the Pacific Northwest. He has lived and worked in Germany, Scotland, England, Australia, Sweden, France, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. A Bullet For Your Thoughts is his first novel and the first in the Nate Harver, Private Investigator, series. Mr. Erickson and his wife Kate currently live in (and love) Portland, Oregon.


The first books I remember picking up and was then unable to put back down were the Victor Appleton II stories about Tom Swift Jr. These were science fiction tales with titles like Tom Swift And His Atomic Earth Blaster. Appleton didn’t exactly exist. The stories were outlined by Harriet Stratemeyer Adams (of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys fame). The writer was usually James Duncan Lawrence. Critics at the time raved about the “crudity of prose, construction, character and ideas.” At the time I didn’t know what a critic was, and I loved the books.

About the time I started Junior High, I discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan was the least of his fabulous creations. The Mars, Venus, Pellucidar and Moon books blew me away.

With puberty came the great Ian Fleming with James Bond. Ian and James kept me busy through my early teenage years. A double benefit to Fleming’s books came about when Playboy magazine started serializing the new Bond adventures.

I remember the last year of high school, and then college, tying me down to the classics. These probably helped me more than I’ll ever admit. I did find time back then to get a good dose of Norman Mailer and Ayn Rand.

Along came the Vietnam War and the US Army. They were accompanied by John D. McDonald and Travis McGee the “knight-errant”. Boy, did the lights go on with John D. McDonald. I was twenty-one and knew right then and there that I wanted to write like this guy. The books were a great way to escape from the circumstances in which I found myself. It would only take fifty more years for me pick up a pen or start typing on my keyboard. Today, I still get a chill up my spine when I see a copy of The Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper.

Love, marriage, children and a good paying job were followed by Robert B. Parker and his pals Spencer and Hawk. This was my introduction to a hero with ethics who needed a partner capable of anything. Robert Crais came along a bit later with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. Parker and all of his characters have stuck with me for the last forty years. His A Catskill Eagle may be the best thing he wrote. He struck me dumb with his quote from Melville,

“And there is a Catskill Eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he forever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar.”

Wow, this said it all for the hero I wanted to write about. Thank God for Robert B. Parker.

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